Duncan Terrace, Islington

Project  #96 – Duncan Terrace, Islington

In 2007 we were approached to extend and refurbish a beautiful grade 2 listed property on Duncan Terrace. What stood on the rear was a dated brick extension that needed modernisation; it was full width on the lower ground floor and an odd one and a half storeys above, half width. The first planning application took inspiration from the Beresford Terrace project but we soon realised that the project would benefit from a second planning application where the extension was then proposed all in glass only. This enabled a quicker and simpler build and increased the internal areas with thinner wall elements – i.e. just the 35mm of glass walling. The Lower Ground Floor extension was fitted with ‘Skyframe’ sliding doors, the first time they had been used in this country and still to this date the details, doors and glass specifications used throughout the extension have not been advanced further – modern technologies are still yet to evolve further.